Friday, September 30, 2011

Funny Cake Mold!

Pac Man Cookie Cutters
Pac-Man Cookie Cutters
Cakewich Sandwich Cake Mold
Cakewich Sandwich Cake Mold

Baby shower cake.. à la mode ♥

This next blog has absolutely nothing to do with fashion.. but it is about my other obsession.. cupcakes & cakes!

When I was younger, I would only finish my meal because I was told I would have dessert. I also have a recording from when I was 3 where my dad is asking me if I was excited to go fishing with him and I responded that yes, because I was going eat cake! My grand-mother said that the sweet tooth runs in the family since my great grand-father use to finish every meal with a teaspoon of sugar! Yes.. in my perfect world, we should start every meal with dessert :)

Because of this unconditional love for sweets, I have always enjoy baking. I have watch Cake Boss many times and I've always been curious about fondant but I never tried it. Because I LOVE what you can make with it.. I thought I would give it a try to create the perfect baby shower cake for my dear friend Joanne! I am now totally hooked on fondant and I can't wait to do more!

My cake got some much attention and I have gotten so many orders that I decided to share my cake with the world!

Here is my first personalized fondant cake.. It was a double chocolate chunk cake with buttercream icing!

Push Joanne, Push!! LOL

You can't really tell from this picture but I even added the highlight she has in her hair!

Joanne is a photographer..

and she wears converse running shoes :)

This is me, my good friend Joanne and her cake. She was very happy with my cake, it made people laugh and I love that! At the baby shower, we had this amazing photobooth service called Snapshot Photobooth and it was so much fun! It's available for rental in Toronto, they set up a backdrop, camera and guests can take pictures all night long! You should check it out